We at Dulcet Ventures, have always believed in setting new standards in the service industry. After setting benchmarks with our family entertainment centers, THE HIVE, and our food court brand EATREE, we take immense pride in presenting MiniMelts, The World's Coldest Ice-Cream, to India.

MiniMelts Ice Cream is a rapidly expanding international company thats extremely successful in America, Europe, The Middle East, Australia and Asia. Retailing in nearly 30 countries and with manufacturing facilities around the globe, we are proud to now offer this extraordinarily popular ice cream to the Indian market.

MiniMelts is a pure, premium ice cream made in a truly unique way. The cryogenic freezing process that creates MiniMelts, involves running the Ice Cream mix through a bath of Liquid Nitrogen at -190 degrees which literally “locks in” the flavour. The exciting shapes of ice cream produced are fun and easy to eat. MiniMelts is stored and served directly from our -40 degrees specialised freezers. Through the use of the finest quality ingredients and pure milk fat, it is truly one of the highest quality ice cream products in the world. MiniMelts can also be used as part of an ice cream float, with a cola or lemonade or combined with desserts to make tasty concoctions. Its unusual look and great taste makes it a favourite with kids and adults alike.


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